Faucet cleaning tips

Faucet cleaning tips
1. Apply a toothpaste on a soft cloth to clean the surface, then clean the surface with water.Do not use an alkaline
cleaner or use a scouring pad or a steel ball to test it to avoid damage to the plating surface.
2. During the use of the  single-handle  faucet, it  should be slowly opened and closed. The  double-handle faucet
can't be closed too much, otherwise the water stop plug will fall off, causing the water to stop and stop.
3, the location of the water outlet generally has a foaming device (also known as foaming device,different faucets,
foaming machine also two),because of water quality problems,often make the faucet use a small amount of water
after a period of time, this may be because the foamer is clogged with debris, and  the  foamer can be unscrewed
with clear water or a needle to clear the debris.
4, some brands of imported faucet  surface  plating treatment is quite thick, but excessive cleaning will also cause
its fatal, damaged.
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