How can I choose the best faucets for new home?

The valve core: The valve core is an  important part to determine the  use experience of the faucet,now the faucet on the market is commonly
used is ceramic valve  core. This type of valve cartridge  has the advantage of heat  resistance and abrasion  resistance and is suitable for all
water environments in the household,  and the life of the valve  core  of  ceramic material is long and avoids water  leakage due to wear of the

In addition to the ceramic  cartridge, there  is  a steel  ball valve core. The main  advantage  of  this type of valve core is its good compression
resistance.However,  its other advantages are not as  obvious as the advantages of the ceramic cartridge, especially in the use of the mission,
the steel ball valve core service life is shorter.

Water flow : A good  faucet  usually  has  a  bubbler,  which  serves  to  keep  the  flow  soft and comfortable, without splashing water, but also
effectively water when choosing, try to choose the faucet with bubbler.

Weight:While weight does not equal mass,  in most cases, the heavier the faucet, the better the quality.When selecting the faucet, you should
pick up the faucet to feel its weight. If it is too light, the product will save cost and cut corners in the production process.

Surface: The faucet on the market  is  basically treated with a surface process,  the copper is  generally polished and plated, and the stainless
steel is typically  sanded  wire processing.When  choosing, be  careful  to  see whether there are burrs,  stoma, corrosion, oxidation spots, etc.
Surface plating should also be made to feel plating thickness, electroplating mirror effect, electroplating, and the surface like a mirror.

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