How to Choose The Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Taps Suppliers and Manufacturers in Sao Paulo,Brazil,Company News

How to Choose The Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Taps Suppliers and Manufacturers in Sao Paulo,Brazil

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Update time : 2018-12-16 13:51:40
Q1 What choices do you have for faucets in our factory?
What are materials available for your faucets?
In our factory, you can buy such series kitchen faucets,washbasin faucets,bathtub faucet,shower faucets,bidet faucets:brass,copper,zinc.
Different colors are available because we are a customized faucets manufacture.
Q2 Can you produce the customize product or just produce the standard faucets?
We have standard bathroom and kitchen faucets and accept up the custom faucets kitchen faucets,washbasin faucets,bathtub faucet,shower faucets,bidet faucets and other taps.
Q3 What’s your frequently using spare parts? Domestic or import spare parts?
Our cartridge are available:Wanhai,Juteng and so on.Some of them we choose import Sedal and others.
 Our flexible hose are available:TUCAI,FLEXITUB,etc.
Q4 How should I order the bathroom and kitchen faucets?
Follow our steps below: 
1. Our designers will discuss your budget and requirements. 
2. With your requested and measurements, our designer will design and plan your dream bathroom and kitchen to your exacting standards. 
3. With detailed drawings confirmed or requested detail, we will give an exact accurate quotation. 
4. When the price is confirmed, PI would be made for your confirmation. Order production is going to be started after receipt of deposit and confirmed details.
5. You can check the quality in factory or we send finish products to your confirmation and then arrange shipment.

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