Faucet production process

Faucet production process
Copper ingot→dissolution→casting ( low- grade casting with sand  casting, high-quality faucet with gravity casting)
→cleaning after casting→ casting inspection→ machining→ tolerance inspection→grinding→ surface inspection→
electroplating→electroplating inspection→assembly→testing pressure→ Finished product inspection → packaging
→ factory.
Although the faucet is small, it  has  a production  process with 16 rigorous processes, and  each process has strict
requirements on the production process.
The brand's  factory  is  in  accordance  with  the  principle  of superior products, the second-class products are not
allowed to leave the factory,  and the small manufacturers  do not care for the second-class products, and the price
is very different. Therefore, the purchase of faucets  should be chooseed brand faucets are guaranteed, just one is a
boutique, and small manufacturers must look at luck and character. 
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