Matte black faucets still growing in popularity

Matte black faucets still growing in popularity 
matte black fixtures Choosing the right color for your fixtures is an important  decision to make when remodeling a
kitchen or bath. Chrome fixtures once dominated  the  design preferences of professionals, only to be replaced by
brushed nickel, brass, and even gold. Nowadays, however, designers are falling head over heels over matte black
finishes that can be found throughout the house.
While black can pop up anywhere, the  trend to  matte black is appearing mainly in the kitchen and bath. Here are
just a few ideas of how you can introduce this hot trend into your home.
A  black kitchen  sink makes a bold statement regardless of its size  or shape. A daring  addition to any  décor, the
matte black sink adds a touch of grace and charm even with a farmhouse sink. Check out  Pinterest or Google
“matte black kitchen sink” to gather some ideas.
What about black paint? Believe it or not,black can be applied as an accent color in a small space like a bathroom.
Black is incredibly versatile and can go with any other color.
Bathroom  Faucets. For so many years chrome  was the dominant  color for bathroom faucets; yet  the color often
fades into the background. A matte black faucet, on the other hand, always makes a bold statement.
Black  plumbing  fixtures are especially  dramatic when paired with white bathrooms. A black showerhead against
marble or a white subway tile is a match made in heaven.

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